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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Society of Insurance Research Presentation: The Business Opportunity that Health Reform Created

Some eager followers of Roll Away the Dew may remember that 2 weeks ago, I presented at the 40th Annual Society of Insurance Research (SIR) Conference in Jacksonville, FL. Other eager followers may still be recovering from Thanksgiving and that pumpkin cheese cake so everyone's mileage varies. Linked below for everyone's powerpoint pleasure is my presentation on the business opportunity that health reform created for Medicaid. I'm trying to figure out a catchier slogan that have the acronym of "SIR GALAHAD" or "TRON" but am having trouble.

For those who may not plan to peruse all 13 dense slides, the cliff notes are as follows:
  • Medicaid is going to become a larger insurance market. By 2016, almost 1 in 5 Americans will have Medicaid compared to 1 in 10 with individual commercial insurance or 1 in 8 with insurance through a small business.
  • Market impact varies by state much like the Thanksgiving stuffing.
  • States that are complaining about budget impact are not talking about how the federal government will pay for 100% of the new Medicaid eligibles from 2014-2016 and 90% of the cost for 10 more years.
  • These post 2014 Medicaid eligibles will be very different than the current Medicaid eligibles. New eligibles from reform will be mostly adults, be working poor, and have successful experience managing their own health. The main difference between this new pool of Medicaid eligibles and a blue collar service union group is the union membership.
  • Provider partnerships and financial arrangements will have to be different and no longer rely on the number of physician visits as the vehicle for payment. Reimbursement needs to focus on care teams, long-term partnerships, and reward medical management. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) provide an excellent opportunity.
At the end of my presentation, I had convinced a very Liberatarian crowd who had this view of government to give Medicaid a different look. My next step is convincing my employer to invest in these ideas.

As far as the rest of the Society of Insurance Research conference, it was a very interesting event with compelling speakers that had some great analysis of the segments of people who buy property and casualty insurance. Plus, at what other conference do you find yourself exclaiming how those property and casualty folks really know how to party?

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