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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Allow myself to introduce . . myself

The details of my life are quite inconsequential. . . well that's enough Austin Power references. Hi everyone, happy to be here and you probably want to know a little bit about me. Well, that's kind of an open-ended question so maybe I can answer some specific questions.

Roll away the dew? What kind of hippy are you?
I'm pretty much a typical hippy. Started listening to the Grateful Dead and wearing tie dye senior year in high school, grew my hair down to my shoulders in college, cut it before I graduated, stayed kind, and now work a corporate job but am still pretty kind. The lyrics of the Dead (Roll away the dew is from the song "Franklin's Tower) speak of the kind of journeys, rebirth, and discovery that we all go through and also reflect the journey that blogging takes you on.

What's up with this Deadhedge reference?
My rugby team nicknamed me Hedgehog after I grew a porn star mustache and the name stuck even better than duct tape. I used the nickname on some on-line message boards until it got deleted because I didn't follow the rules of the board. Hence "Dead" hedge and given the Grateful Dead references, it works.

What’s up with the little purple hedge hog for your profile picture?
What’s not to like about little purple hedge hogs?

If I am not into purple hedge hogs or the Dead, why should I read your blog?
I like to think that purple hedge hogs and the Grateful Dead are just my thinnest outer layer of my philosophical onion. Here's what you will see posts about:

The big bad business of health care: I have worked in every arena of health care administration this side of a colonoscopy clinic. The business of health care has become an industry that people are now actually talking about so if you quote anything that I write with dramatic pauses, people will think that you know something about health care and that your dramatic pauses are annoying.

MBA Admissions: I have helped a lot of people over the last 4 years figure out the byzantine MBA admission process and people who are a lot smarter than me have even paid me to shred their essays and their self-esteem

Knitting: Now how many knitting rugby players do you know? I’ve been knitting longer than I’ve been doing the other two things. Mostly I’ll rant about how much Sirdar patterns suck.

Pacific Northwest: This is where I live and the general, catch all random, personal category of things that I do and local events. It’s the naval gazing part of this blog.

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