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Friday, October 29, 2010

Roll Away the Dew is Speaking at the Society of Insurance Research Conference

It's road trip time at Roll Away the Dew. Well, actually it's just a plane trip with a connection in Altlanta, on the way to Jacksonville, Florida where I will be speaking at the 40th Annual Society of Insurance Research Annual Conference (SIR A.C.). Did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city in terms of square milage in the lower 48 states? That actually sounds horrifying me to as an example of uncontrolled urban sprawl that we don't see here in Oregon with our Urban Growth Bounderies. However, I did hear very positive things about Amelia Island and Florida in November is not something to look down at.

Readers may be wondering what Roll Away the Dew could pontificate upon for 45 minutes. How many colonoscopy or animal husbandry jokes will the speech include? Will the inmate and asylum analogy continue? Will familiar topics of MBA's behaving badly be broached or will this be a pure health care focus on the strengths of the Medicare Advantage program, the dysfunctions of the Individual insurance market, or the future of Accountable Care Organizations? Will the words, MediCAID for all be uttered and for those guessed this topic, you know Roll Away the Dew way too well!

Actually, I think that I need to make a "MediCAID for All" T-shirt for the conference. I will be speaking at the newly created Health Insurance track for the Society of Insurance Research. My topic will on the business opportunity that health reform created for Medicaid managed care companies. If there is a health care organization that can afford to ignore a market that is going to almost double then I want to see your business model. That's because that health care organization must be performing at a very high level in commercial, Medicare, individual, self-funded or other aspects of health care to be able to ignore 25% of the market.

If you want to hear more about my presentation, come to Jacksonville, Florida from November 14th-17th. I hear that the Property and Casualty insurance guys really know how to party. Another option is to just wait until after the conference when I'll do a full postmortem on my site.
Before I do that, I think that I really need to make myself a MediCAID for all T-shirt.

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