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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Latest Knitting Project: Toddler Truck Sweater

While not often blogged about, knitting is one of the 4 pillars of this blog (health care, MBA's, climbing being the other pillars). That's probably because I no longer knit as quickly as I used to but for those readers who tune in for the knitting stories, here's the latest project.

Berroco offered this pattern for a toddler truck sweater using their Berroco cool yarn. Berroco Cool yarn is considered baby yarn which means you can easily wash it and dry it when someone vomits on it.

Unlike Sirdar patterns which I consider to be the 11th plague that was almost inflicted on the Egyptians, this pattern was very straight forward and easy to follow. The challenging part is the truck pattern and weaving in all of the different colors. Knitting with a second color is not difficult as you just use the second color for the designated stitches and follow in the back. Managing all of those different strands of colors and weaving them in within a kitchener needle is the hard part. I consolidated a few colors in the pattern so it was easier to manage.

I also knit 2 sizes larger than needed in anticipation of not finishing it during the winter that I started it. I haven't forced it over its recipient's head yet but it should at last through next winter.

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