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Monday, August 10, 2009

Some additional MBA reading material

As I continue my nascent book club, there are 2 websites that fill a content niche for MBA's. I heard about these websites when they contacted me about linking and providing content. After reviewing their sites, I felt they covered MBA programs in a way not covered by mainstream content and was happy to be affiliated with them. Well, let's be honest, I get flattered when anyone contacts me about my blog.

MBA Channel covers MBA programs as if they were the professional athletes and provides updates about their activities, rankings and methodology, changes in programs, and anything they do that might trigger a press release. It looks like their program directory is their staple feature. There are even scandals like false claims by Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) of relationships with US business schools that do not exist. In other words, it really is just like the coverage of professional athletes.

I appreciate how they show both sides of an issue. For example an article about the newly named Jack Welch business school at Chancellor University in Ohio conveys the excitement about the partnership and Welch's legacy. However, it's balanced out by questions about if the Jack Welch school will try to turn out min-Welches? Would there be classes on "How to fire people in large numbers" and "Maximize your executive pay" as the linked Economist article proposes? "How absolutely not to cover up an affair" would be one class that could be taught with guest lectures from John Edwards and Mark Sanford.

Another new site is Business Because, a new venture started by journalists with a background in the financial sector. It's niche is like the MBA Jungle or call it Maxim for MBA's. It combines some serious news but doesn't take itself too seriously with tales of MBA's behaving not badly but blowing off a lot of steam. It accepts that we don't have to be extremely dorky when talking about business or that a tone of self-flagelation (or self-flatulence) goes far.

It's version of "How to lose your beer belly" advice does not contain overly serious diet regiments or tear down your self-esteem. Instead, the advice would be, "Put on a large jacket, hit the bars, and go get 'em tiger!"

Given some of my previous posts, this is more my approach. For example, rather than suggest that someone take accounting or statistic classes before starting the MBA program, I would point out that's kind of like masturbating in order to become a better lover. Your MBA program will do a better job of teaching you accounting than you would be able to do on your own. It's not a good use of your time and much less pleasurable.

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