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Monday, April 20, 2009

My latest knitting project; a Helmet

At the beginning, I had advertised that this blog would be about health care, MBA admissions consulting, and even knitting! The "Even Knitting" posts have been few and far between mainly because my latest project turned out to take a lot more time than I had imagined. However, it's done. Pictured on the left is my helmet or basically a ski mask without a face. It was completed last night just in time for the climbing season.

I should have predicted that this was not a quick hat project when it called for casting on 160 stitches on size 4 needles (which are small needles). However, it was a great pattern and perfect to work on during our marathon NCIS TV watching sessions. The pattern came from Kristin Spurkland's Knitting (Man)ual (get it Man-ual or knitting for guys). This pattern is what initially attracted me to this knitting book as well as the fact that the author had a website with an FAQ section that entertained any query that a knitter could come up with. This was a welcome contrast to Sirdar's approach to knitting questions which was pretty much a "Don't get mad at us if you're too dumb to figure out the pattern" philosophy.

My wife was less than thrilled with the hat only because she thinks that I look like an incredible dork in the hat. Wearing it around the house with my pajamas before bedtime didn't help my cause.

My next pattern will be a fruit hat for my cousin's 6 month old baby.

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