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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Nearby Town Declared a State of Emergency

It started snowing on Friday and we got 11 inches on our porch over the weekend in Portland, OR as the picture shows. The town east of Portland, Gresham, declared a state of emergency. The major highway, 84, that runs east-west is closed. Completely closed. 84 runs through the Columbia Gorge and the wind whipping through their could lift trucks up in the air. The airport is completely shut down except to serve as a purgatory for disappointed travelers. The Portland, OR bloggers (like myself) are all going nuts blogging about the snow as an Oregon Blog aggregator shows from the latest posts because we're all inside. I've also been going on a blog commenting spree.

Anyone who lives in a non-tropical area is probably wondering, "It snowed for 2 days. It snows for 2 days a lot in the winter. How is this news?" I grew up in Chicago and kept going to school in the northeast so I agree completely. However, it only snows once a winter in Portland and usually for 1 day so we haven't invested in any new snow equipment since Lewis Clark came over in the winter. It's also really hilly which can be really hazardous. All of those things create a mindset of when it snows, we can all declare states of emergencies.

Personally, I really like the idea of shutting down the city as I have posted about before. We all get to sit back, take a deep breath, and have a free day where we are not expected to do anything. We've gone cross county skiing around our neighborhood the last 2 days and I've almost finished a set of baby hand sacks that will actually fit.

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